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Open Today! 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Lease Loyalty Program

Starting May 2018, included with all leases

Enjoy the benefit of leasing your new vehicles, without the uncertainty...

Leasing a new vehicle is often the best option for those who know how much they drive and want the peace of mind that comes with always driving a new vehicle.

When we noticed that some of our customers were avoiding leasing due to uncertainty about mileage limits and the possibility of accidental damage, we developed our Complimentary Lease Loyalty Program. Now, only at Rivera Toyota, when you lease your new vehicle you get up to $500 in excess wear and tear forgiveness applied to your next purchase!

Program Features

  • Program is complimentary with the purchase of any leased vehicle from Rivera Toyota.
  • Up to $500 benefits applied to next Lease or Purchase for excess wear & tear charges.
  • Leased vehicle must be returned to Rivera Toyota at lease termination to receive benefits.
  • Customer must purchase or lease a new vehicle from Rivera Toyota to receive benefits.
  • Lease contract must be in good standing with lender.